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As a farmer, why would I join


Food, resources, water, and energy are the fundamental elements of societies around the world, and  producing these elements is challenging and underappreciated work. Knowledge and innovation have greatly accelerated productivity, but there are limits and challenges to operating in this “modern” system. This current system has created fragile dependencies on economic pressures affecting the input costs and market access for yields of production.

Small-scale producers do not hold enough weight individually to influence change under current conditions of business-as-usual. We are building an alternative way for everyone to achieve resilience and accountability by giving power to small scale producers through access to knowledge and one another.


The power to change the paradigm lies in numbers and shared knowledge. We are building a technological network to democratize and decentralize industry knowledge while providing alternative pathways for selling products and sourcing production inputs. Our online network brings together small scale producers to create community and prosperity.

Participate in the development of tools that will make your production business more profitable, resilient, and sustainable. Be involved early by participating actively in the feedback, product entries, and production requirements. Creating a profile is only the first step, instantly you will appear in your region’s summary of producers.

The purpose of the data that our users submit is NOT to monetize your privacy. We are developing pathways of beneficial opportunities using this data internally. Unlike with other network platforms, you are not the product in the ecosystem - renewable resources and the opportunities for transition are. Our business model is driven by purpose and fueled by a fair profits approach.


Tangible benefits:

Opening an account is free and instantly unlocks new visibility in a growing network for you and your business.

Early adopters will strongly influence how the platform develops over time. We take your feedback seriously, and combined with various analyses running in the background, we are building tools of impact tailored for you.

Very soon, we will offer an enhanced page service to jumpstart the outreach capacity that will become increasingly automated, reducing your workload so you can focus on producing the best crops possible.

This first enhanced service will be available in an entry level version (level1) and an advanced version (level 2).

The ecosystem will expand to other user types - highlighting your opportunities with them directly.

Your social media handles will be linked to the advanced pages, maximizing exposure for business outreach and marketing that you already do.

You will have the opportunity to be an early adopter with our latest functionalities.


Looking forward to you becoming one of our key stakeholders in  the years to come!

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