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We are happy to announce, a new ecosystem for the circular economy. After several years of research and experimentation with the prototype platform (formerly, our team is now ready to deploy the proactive tools of empowerment and impact for communities worldwide.

Resyn is a growing ecosystem of localized trade, infrastructure development, and production knowledge for sustainable producers and consumers. This is a place to discover, support and learn about the production of local, ethical and sustainable solutions for food, biomass, water and energy. With the power of collective participation, combined with innovative use of technology for purpose, we are developing tangible means of transitioning to renewable prosperity.

This early version will allow us to iterate from your direct usage feedback.

In the coming weeks and months, we will announce and launch various phases and systems as pragmatic facilitators in the development of your local, resilient and sustainable community - wherever you might be in the world.

If you are a Farmer/Producer, please come register your farm and share some initial information and feedback so we can begin to collaborate together in addressing present and future needs (Link to registration).

Likewise, if you are interested in sustainability, renewables, circular economics, empowerment of small businesses, food security, products transparency, and many other elements of our collective supply chains, make sure to follow us on our updated channels: (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin). There are many benefits to being actively  involved, and if you see yourself as a participant in the renewable economy, register to our contact list to be first informed when we expand our facilitation capacities to you (Consumer, Business, Organization, or Suppliers of equipment/services).

Look out for more in the pipeline over the next weeks about who we are (Team and Advisory) and our vision.  We want to build this community ecosystem purposefully, and for that we need the right partners who come as passionate and motivated as we are about a prosperous and renewable future!

Join us today! :)

The Resyn Team



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