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Launching a limited time presale to reward early adopters!

Our vision

The great work of our time is to build social and economic ecosystems within the ecological limits of our finite planet. This ensures we can continue to prosper now and for generations to come. At Resyn, we support localized, circular eco-nomies that help regenerate and sustain our social and living systems. Will you join the movement?

We aim to empower those who can build the true resiliency of society: resource producers. By joining Resyn, you will become a part of a growing community of pioneers who are positioning themselves to benefit from these new renewable, local, and circular eco-nomies. 

Why join?

We are empowering producers with a suite of tools for rapid knowledge sharing, market outreach, and financial planning. We are supporting the shift towards independent, local, and circular eco-nomies with resilient and stable revenue potential for all producers, no matter what experience level they start at. Whether you are a beginner or have been working your land for generations, Resyn has purpose-built tools for sustainably-minded producers. Let’s take a closer look...

Today, as a new Resyn member, you gain access to a user-friendly interface that automatically features your products to your local community through the regional view.


When your local production is listed in the regional summary, it not only attracts new customers, but also complementary producers, distributors, and potential industry partners.

We are building the next phase and want you to join us. This is what you can look forward to:

The Basics: Visibility and Marketplace

The next phase of development will help grow or sustain your regenerative business. By intelligently analysing your production data, Resyn will be able to help you close the loop on resource flows, reduce operating costs, lower your overhead, source locally, and have access to or create new local market opportunities. With advanced analysis tools, Resyn will be able to suggest strategic opportunities and production methods through the main portals of Food, Biomass, Water, and Energy.

The Support Systems: Management Tools

Our next phase of development will also improve the access to information, planning, and forecasting through personalised dashboards. These are all important ways that you can manage your financial flows throughout the year, from planning to harvesting. Resyn’s tools help you strategically manage your land, while supporting your transition to sustainable production through access to techniques and technologies, all towards sustaining a regenerative approach to increasing your income. Additionally, as part of our growing user base, you can contribute to and benefit from Resyn’s collective intelligence system that helps you map out your transition to a closed loop system. At whichever stage of business, from a homestead to full-fledged farmer & producer, Resyn is here to support you. The system is designed to be intuitive and low-maintenance while  increasing the benefits of your hard work. 

Our plan for collaborative success

We need your help to achieve our vision. For a limited time - until December 2019: as an incentive and thanks for believing in our vision, early adopters get 2 years of service for the price of one from the time our advanced functions are launched (in early 2020).


If, as a farmer, you believe in a sustainable future, where local eco-nomies are the norm, join us as an early adopter by registering using the button below.

If you are not a farmer, please register here:


Julien Roberge, P.Eng. & the whole Resyn team.

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Join our growing community of local economy pioneers.