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Regional Summary is now Live

Since our recent launch, we have now released the V1.1 Regional Summary, a crucial feature to empower local abundance. This initiates a process within our growing base of producers/farmers to effectively communicate using one powerful visual tool the expanding local supplies available across all regions of the world.

Importance of accepting geolocation

We are a locally-driven initiative that believes regions have the capacity to be resilient against climate and trade risks, sourcing most of their food and resources locally. The first step is to let your producers’ community know that you are interested in regional production. By accepting geolocation and searching your region, we are able to directly communicate demand and opportunities to producers and fulfill that product in the near future.

My Regional Summary


  • Search -> Gather regional queries
  • Availability (in the year)
  • Which producers grow or harvest that category
  • Farmer’s summary page
  • Updates will follow

Direct benefits to farmers/producers of this feature:

  • This general summary will always be free
  • Categorized and clear regional exposure of the annual production
  • Saving time in market communication
  • Summary is automatically generated
  • Annual production entries  will maintain availability status accurately to prospective clients
  • Search learns about local request to provide market opportunities to producers
  • New features and updates will only need good data entries to continue communicating offering
  • Foundation for many other features to empower producers (web presence, direct trade, drop-offs, etc)

Food categories

Biomass resources will be in an upcoming version

Water & Energy are in research phase


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