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The synergies of resources as opportunities

The negative effects of our unsustainable lifestyles have become increasingly apparent for several years now, and we have collective choices to make about sustainable alternatives. A viable one is the circular economy, made of appropriate cycles for technical materials & renewable resources. There is no reason hat we have to pay for costly inefficiencies and waste remediation when opportunities exist to turn waste into profit ans close natural resource loops.

Resyn is putting all our efforts into  the empowerment and creation of pathways to renewable prosperity for farmers and producers. Empowerment for us means the opportunity to create, harvest or recuperate value from resources - especially for small businesses. Although technical materials  from finite resources are essential to the various systems that will support a renewable and prosperous world, they are not as accessible and as locally appropriate as a means of subsistence as renewable resources are.

Resyn is focused on the circular pathways of 4 main realms (FOOD, BIOMASS, WATER, ENERGY) because they are essential, interconnected and fundamental to human prosperity.

FOOD - Anything Edible, Farmed or Harvested.

13 food categories (currently) made of an expanding list of crop IDs and their many associated varieties.


BIOMASS - Everything Bio-Based & Organic. Materials, Matter & Waste including Production Ins & Outs.

Coming Soon


WATER - Water Related Processes, Harvesting & Treatment + Services & Logistics.

In research phase


ENERGY - All Renewable Energy - Solar, Wind, Biogas, Micro-Hydro, Heat, Conservation, etc.

In research phase


To map and guide users through a growing amount of natural resource pathway opportunities, we are building an evolving catalog structure from open datasets, user feedback and inputs, and academic contributions.

The potential for operations optimization and resilience building for communities and businesses using our platform structure is profound. Consumers, producers, and changemakers are encouraged to dive into each realm with the eagerness to share knowledge and solutions while cementing productive B2B and B2C contacts. You may discover a new way to solidify your supply chain or even generate untapped profit from resources you previously viewed as waste. As a local consumer you can support your community with added ease and access. The synergy can expand across all sectors of a local agro economy and begin to transform the way business is done, without the toxic environmental externalities and lower profit expansion models.  

To be part of this change, register your farmer/producer profile. If you are not a farmer/producer, please join our contact list to be informed once we open the system to a broader user base!

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