The world works in circularity

Our economy should too.

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Resyn is renewable prosperity.

The most urgent task of our times is to create conditions within the ecological limits of our finite planet so that humans can continue to flourish and prosper. We believe that localized, circular economies can help regenerate and sustain our living systems.

By connecting sustainable producers online, directly to each other — and to local retailers and consumers — we help regions transition to local, renewable, circular economies.

The importance of locality is growing. Join us!

By joining Resyn, you are becoming part of a growing number of pioneers who are positioning themselves to interact with a large community with local economic benefits. For farmers/producers - Resyn wants to help you grow or sustain your business. When your production is listed on the regional summary, it not only opens doors to new customers, but also other producers, distributors and wholesalers. The system is designed to be intuitive and low-maintenance so you can reap the benefits of all your hard work, not add to your workload. stands out by taking a collaborative approach where both farmers and consumers contribute valuable content to provide a quickly expanding community. This global approach aims to unearth knowledge of places and people to foster relationship and mutual opportunities for an improved regional resources system, a resilient economy, and a healthy population. is not a conventional startup aiming to replace intermediates in the food & resources chain. We aim to disrupt to empower those who build the true infrastructures of resiliency: farmers & resource producers. This is why we are structuring
ourselves to avoid the typical financial pressures affecting most startups. We also base our initiative in recognized principles from known standards like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Permaculture, and Organic standards to name a few.
Join our growing community of local economy pioneers.