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My Region
Resyn is an ecosystem of
localized trade, infrastructure
development, and production
knowledge for sustainable
producers and consumers.
It's a place to discover, support and
learn about the production of local,
ethical and sustainable food, biomass,
water and energy solutions.
Anything Comestible, Farmed or Harvested.
Everything Bio-based Organic Materials,
Matter & Waste Production Inputs & Outputs.
Water Related Processes, Harvesting &
Treatment + Services & Logistics.
All Renewable Energy Solar, Wind,
Biofuels, Biogas, Etc.
Discover, learn, and support the
production of local and sustainable food,
biomass, water and energy solutions.
Farmers & Producers Small-Scale participants
focused on producing renewable primary resources
(Farmers & Harvesters)
Equipment & Services Providers Any supplier of equipment than can help sustainable & regenerative production to be distributed
Organisations Institutions,
Communities & Groups
Business Intermediates
whose primary activity is
to transform resources
into value-added products.
Consumers Users & households,
net consumers and
are incidentally producing resources
Resyn's global network of registered producers
Join our growing community of local economy pioneers.